Monday: March 23
  • Welcome to Computer/Careers class
  • login to network
  • Access StudentVUE from Student Portal .
  • get into your email (
    create an email signature. (name, grade...maybe a quote or positive thought)
  • Compose an email to my NVPS Account (
    Please explain: what is Computer Science ? What types of knowledge/skills are needed by employees and/or wanted by employers?
    Why do you even need computer class? What's the point?
    Use your LA skills (spelling/grammar/complete sentences)
  • Interactive Student notebook: please have a spiral notebook
    (70 page is big enough - you can use a old notebook with left over pages) for class WEDNESDAY.
  • Read Emoticon story & translate) ( look for:story elements )
Tuesday: March 24
  • view this Prezi: computer class basics/rules (record the information on the blue worksheet)

  • complete TEDtalk worksheet (green) Emoticon Video (wait - We will watch the video together)

Wednesday: March 25
  • Begin Student Notebook
  • paste the handouts we've used already in class into the notebook

  • password notes
  • try these password checking tools
    Microsoft Password checker
    Password Meter
  • Passfaultchecker:
    Reflection: (write on page 4 of your notebook under the password notes) Use what you have observed on the password checking sites, to determine which component or components of the password make it the most secure? Explain Why & how.
Thursday March 26
  • Current event Review: use Template (located on W:\\drive) to review a current news article related to
    (you choose from these topics)
    Passwords. You may not use any article that reviews the lists of the worst passwords of 2014.
    Computer programming languages
    coding an App
    use this website to generate your QR code to link your article
  • Print the document when complete to the LabB printer.
Friday March 27

Monday March 30

  • Flappy Bird lesson
  • Homework: fill in the WHO AM I? worksheet (Notebook page 5)

Tuesday March 31

  • Who Am I? homework is due at the start of class
  • Notes: (Notebook page 9) Use Google to define Word cloud & avatar (not the movie, Avatar)
    What is it? when was it created? how/where used?
  • Create a Tagxedo about YOU
    use the descriptive words from the Who Am I worksheet. (+more = about 30)
    customize: add your name colors, fonts,
    option to add an image/logo
    need help? watch this quick how-to tagxedo video)
  • save the image to your H:\\drive using the 1MG JPG option

Wednesday April 1

Thursday April 2

  • create an avatar for yourself. try to customize with features that are unique to you.
    You will have only this class period. Many sites do not let you edit the image once you leave the webpage....
  • How to use the Snipping Tool to save/screen capture the image to your H:\\drive.
  • once you have your avatar, start the AboutMe project using Create a graphic layout about you - including your Tagxedo and your Avatar. Consult the rubric to know what other features are required for the project.

Friday April 3

  • No School - Spring Break!!

AboutMe Project Rubric

Monday April 13
  • Workshop: complete the AboutMe project.
    read through the rubric. verify all components are present
    proofread the description paragraphs for good grammar and spelling.
  • if you finish early: color the bubbles on your color notes pages (notebook page 7)
  • Why Do I have to learn to Type? (notebook page 8)
  • Keyboard Notes (notebook page 9)
  • you may also work on

Tuesday April 14
  • Why Do I have to learn to Type? (notebook page 8)
  • Keyboard Notes (notebook page 9)
  • start Type to Learn.
    Login is LAST NAME ( if more than one person has same last name, then add 01, 02...)
    password is left empty
Wednesday April 15
Thursday April 16
  • AboutMe using project due. email to
  • Intro to Photoshop Elements
    begin 9 layers project
Friday April 17
  • workshop on 9 layers project

Monday April 20

Tuesday April 21

  • Workshop
    finish 9 (Layer Project (9 filtered layers, title and gradient background)
    prep your notebook for the Notebook Check

Wednesday April 22

  • File Type Notes
  • Start Symmetry project

Thursday April 23

Friday April 24

  • Start the LOGO Project (here is the logo RUBRIC)
    select a company/product that is represented by a logoMost people have used Google Slide to make this project
    BUT- you could also use PicktoChart , Prezi or even if you wanted but you would need to create a user account for those websites.
  • Start by creating a New Google Slide and Title it Logo Project. Follow the rubric to know what information goes into which slide.
    your job today is to work on Slide1 and Slide 2.
    Slide 1 shows the logo and gives a quick overview of what the product is or what it is the company sells.
    Slide 2 defines each color used in the logo and makes a connection to how that color is important to the product.
    THIS LINK will take you to my example using the McDonald's logo
  • these websites might give you some ideas - not all logos are included... Famous Logos and FamousLogos
  • you may also work to finish your Photoshop projects, if needed.
  • can also fill extra time you might have. workshop. You must complete the 20 stages of the Intro Course
  • (Next week FRIDAY is last day)

Monday April 27

  • start today with Keyboarding - I'll pick up your first assessment scores
  • Logo Project
    What does the company want the customer to think about the product/company.
    How is the logo used to send this message using color and shape?

Tuesday April 28

  • 7th grade field trip
  • 8th grade: work on Logo project.

Wednesday April 29

Thursday April 30

  • workshop: finish Logo Project.

Friday May 1

  • 8th grade college visits
  • 7th grade:
    begin hour with 15 minutes keyboarding: Type To Learn
    workshop Logo Project - finish
    workshop: Computer Basics worksheet - use the web to find the definitions & explain the terms
    any extra time: workshop
Week 6

Monday May 4
  • Turn in the Logo Project (Share with if you used Google Slides.
    Download & email as an attachment if you used another tool like Prezi or PicktoChart
  • Find a color image for our next Photoshop must be certain the image has no copyright.
    Creative Commons Notes: match the 4 licenses with the correct definition
  • About Creative Commons Licenses complete the Create Commons chart: what does each license mean?

Tuesday May 5

Wednesday May 6
  • workshop: B&W color project
Thursday May 7
Friday May 8

Monday May 11
  • submit 3 Photoshop projects - all in JPEG formats - in ONE EMAIL (NOT 3 separate)
  • locate a current event article - technology related
Tuesday May 12
  • begin class with 15 minutes keyboarding
  • workshop
    remember - you need to have completed all of the lessons - there are 99 activities total in the 20 lessons and that will go into the grade book as an assignment score.
  • if you did not turn in your Photoshop work yesterday, get it done today.
Wednesday May 13
  • begin class with 15 minutes of keyboarding
  • using the Article Review template - get the template from the W: drive
    from your desktop click: computer/stushare(W:)/BDENTON/CurrentEventReview
    Its a Word template, so when you click on the icon, it opens your own copy on your own machine
  • read and review the Current Event Tech article you chose (or find one NOW if you did not already)
    and complete the template using information from your article.
  • use this website to generate your QR code to link your article
  • if you have extra time at the end of the hour - keep working on
Thursday May 14
  • workshop to complete all outstanding projects
  • begin Tessellation project
Friday May 15
  • Tessellation workshop
Monday May 18
  • workshop: Tessellation project
    create your shape
    leave a layer that has just 1 copy of your shape
    continue to copy/paste your shape and fit it together into the larger plane, alternating colors
Tuesday May 19
  • Tessellation workshop: work to copy your shape and fill the plane (the entire background)
    use alternating colors so that no 2 shapes of the same color touch
Wednesday May 20
  • Tessellation workshop: work to copy your shape and fill the plane (the entire background)
    use alternating colors so that no 2 shapes of the same color touch
  • use the Paintbrush/eraser/paintcan to fill in any white holes your design might have
Thursday May 21
Friday May 22
Question 1: Type To Learn
go back to Type to Learn and look up these 4 scores (go to the Reports button and then change the drop down to select the Assessment Report.

Write down the scores in your planner or notebook so that you can create a table with them later.
1. pretest adjusted words per minute
2. pretest accuracy %
3. your most recent assessment adjusted words per minute
4. your most recent accuracy %

Compare the scores. How much has your speed increased? How much has your accuracy increased?
write a paragraph to explain the change you see (or lack of change). Provide reasoning as to why/how the change happened - or did not happen.

Question #2:
Once you complete the 20 stages of the Intro Course, write a reflection on your experience with the website.
What did you like about the lessons? What went well? Was there anything that frustrated you?
How could the website developers improve their product?
What did you learn from the entire experience? (think beyond the actual code language....what else were you learning?)
Would you recommend the website to a friend?