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Week 4

Mondaytravel copy.jpg

  • complete the Matchmaker quiz using CareerCruising.com
  • Read about the jobs in the 2 Pathways your results match most. Choose your 3 favorites for each pathway.
  • (SN p17) Fill in the details of 3 careers from each category into grid worksheet pathway/job details (6 jobs total).
  • workshop to finish
    1. the Pathway Foldable. (6th & 7th - you need to make the whole thing)
    2. the Pathway details worksheets (3 jobs for 2 different pathways)
  • How to Make a Bucket List (or Life List): One author's point of view
  • a four year old's bucket list
  • My Life List activity: use the category sheet to generate 2 ideas for each square.
  • start with the worksheet - filling in 2 entries for each square. this will give you a variety of ideas -
    this isn't only a list of things you like or want to buy
  • 40 + is your magic number. (Yes - work on it at home)
  • when complete, you will email me (brenda.denton@student.nvps.net) an embedded link to your board....like we did for the Media project
  • Use Pinterest to create a new Board named Bucket List.
  • find images/websites of things you have on your list and pin them to your Bucket List Board. Descriptions of the items can be shorter than what we wrote for the Media project.
  • I will give you 10 minutes today to organize your notebook. We will have a notebook quiz on Friday. The 10 questions will all come from your notebook and you can use your notebook on the quiz. Pages should always have: page numbers & page titles. If your NB is complete, use this time to study it...review the information we have covered.
  • work to Compile your Bucket List today.
  • study for your notebook quiz tonight!
  • notebook quiz. Open notebook.
  • Bucket List workshop - Bucket list is Due today