Step 1: Brainstorm a list of 20 words or phrases that describe you. What qualities are you proud of…what do other people admire about you? Include things that make you unique and special.

Step 2: Circle the 6-8 qualities on your lists that are really the most unique about you. What are your favorites? Identify the main qualities that truly define who you are as an individual.

Step 3: Using the 6-8 qualities you defined in step 2, write 5-8. Be as descriptive as possible.

Step 4: Now, look through what you wrote for step 3 for words that start with the letters in your name. Arrange the sentences to wrap around those letters and create an Acrostic Poem. You may need to change the wording to make the sentences fit.

Physical Therapist
To be successful, I need both knowledge and compassion. I
Educate and strengthen
Real people in the community so they can
Achieve and maintain their independence each day.
Patience, flexibility and creativity are my most
Important skills. Someday medical
science will be able to fix anything. Until then we will work
Together to strengthen our community.