What to study for the exam:
  1. Google is NEVER a source, and can NEVER be cited using BIB.ME in a bibliography
    your image DID NOT come from GOOGLE

  2. the keyboard letters A-Z ;",.?@
    correct fingering
    Home row keys
    Muscle Memory skills

  3. keyboard shortcuts
  4. what kind of file is .JPG? PNG? GIF? PSD?

  5. be able to look at computer code and find the error - or explain what the code will create

  6. basic functions / tools in Photoshop (create a new project/layer/place/rotate/save as JPG

  7. what is Google Define?

  8. what is Pinterest's primary purpose?

  9. how to use the Advanced search tools in Google - filter images by color/type

  10. The 6 Career Pathways - what they are and what jobs are included in each

  11. types of college degrees

  12. define college major/minor

  13. differences between private and public universities

  14. color wheel basics, transparency, hue, tint, shade

  15. HTML tags

  16. know & be able to identify the 3 types of fonts