Hobby Project.

You may design this project using the software of your choice. Publisher, Word, Glogster, Prezi and PhotoShop are all good choices.

Step 1: Title: what is your favorite hobby? This will be the title of your project.
Step 2: Definition: What is the hobby? How do you participate?
Step 3: Equipment. What equipment/tools/items does a person need to participate in the hobby?
Step 4: Involvement: Explain how you got involved.
Step 5: Image: include at least one image of the hobby or items used for the hobby
Step 6: Price Comparison: create a table showing 2 items. Next, add price information for each item from 3 different vendors. dont forget to include a column for the shipping cost and then the final cost.
Step 7: Web Link: link to a website on the web that is useful for this hobby

(my example)
cache logo.jpg


Definition: is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online. Step 1 is to create a user account on http://www.geocaching.com/. You can browse all the published caches that are close to you (or any desired location) by using this website. It will also give you the specific coordinates of each cache. Coordinates (look like this (N 43° 02.827 W 085° 34.770) are used to pinpoint exact locations on the earth's surface. Once you get within 20 feet +/- of the cache, you will looking for some type of container. It could be large, like a coffee can or small bison tube. Some containers are large enough to hold "swag", which are little treasures that can be traded. Other containers are only large enough to hold a small logbook. Each finder signs the logbook with their name and the date they found the cache. Later, users can go online and mark each cache they have found and post a comment or story about their find. Sometimes you will also find a 'travel bug', a small item that is meant to travel from cache to cache and have it's movements tracked on the website.

Equipment: You need either a Smart Phone or GPS device. If you are using a smart phone, you will need to download an app to help you track the caches by simulating a compass. If you are using a GPS receiver, you first download or manually enter the coordinates of the cache into the GPS.

travel bug.jpg