Infographics defined

try this: Intel can generate a Picture of your Digital Life: What about Me

6 Types of Infographics

sort ACTIVITY: Look at the following graphics. Determine which Category type of Infographic it maches

Station work: practice reading infographics (use the foldable for your answers)
  • Station 1: List trends and Observations
  • Station 2: Create 2 Truths and a Lie
  • Station 3: Create a word problem & solve
  • Station 4: Answer the Question
  • Station 5: Determine how information could be misused
  • Station 6: Describe a person from the population represented
  • Station 7: Determine information that could have also been included

45 Great examples
Myths about College Sports
How Animals See the World
Visual Guide to Marathon Running

Do's and Donts of Infographics
5 quick graphic design tips