Invention Prezi Requirements
...the items which are required on the Invention Prezi

  1. Title ( if it is an acronym - define it)

  2. Image : one that is labeled for reuse or creative commons
    (if you use the image Google Search in Prezi those ARE labeled for reuse - no citation needed)

  3. Description - what is it? Clear and concise text shares what the item is and for what it is used. This should be 2-3 Complete Sentences.

  4. How Does it work?: clear, concise and accurate summary of how the object functions (or is made). Not copied/pasted tech talk. This will be a paragraph in length or a numbered list of 'steps' in the process of how the invention works.
    Start with this website: How stuff Works
  5. Technical Drawing (from a patent application or other technical drawing, labeled diagram)

  6. Quote: something serious or funny. Any type of statement that has been shared about the invention. Could be a joke, a comic or a lyric from a song or poem. Anything relevant that has been said about your invention.

  7. Time-line: Your item's creation will be included, as well other important milestones for that invention. Search for other world events that occurred in the same decade. There will be a minimum of 7 entries on your time line. Include the date and a brief detail of the event.
  8. Positive and Negative Impacts: List 3 + and 3 - ways the inventions has impacted society you are required to have a minimum of 10 sources bookmarked in your Delicious account