As we complete the keyboarding review, place links to the sites you reviewed and liked on this page.

The ability to type quickly and accurately builds a strong base for your technology use.
Use any of the following apps to practice your keyboarding skills.

Typing games

Typing Test use this site to set your typing speed and accuracy.
Alpha Typing
Krazy Keyz type the alphabet in order as fast as you can

Touch Typing
Type Test
Type Racer
QWERTY Warriors
Typingweb is good. It’s a graduated program that keeps track of your progress.
  1. Keyboard challenge—adapted to grade level
  2. Keyboard practice—quick start
  3. Keyboarding Fingerjig—6 minute test of ability
  4. Keyboarding for Kids
  5. Keyboarding practice
  6. Keyboarding—alphabet rain game
  7. Keyboarding—barracuda game
  8. Keyboarding—bubbles game
  9. Keyboarding–Dance Mat Typing
  10. Keyboarding—full online course
  11. Keyboarding—games
  12. Keyboarding—lessons and speed quiz
  13. Keyboarding—lessons
  14. Keyboarding—lessons
  15. Keyboarding—must sign up, but free
  16. Keyboarding—quick start
  17. Keyboarding—speed quiz