Exam week

Finals Week : Semester 2 exam week

Monday June 6

  1. Start the hour with Keyboarding practice
  2. save all PhotoShop projects as JPG files and attach all 4 into an email to bdenton@nvps.net
  3. Crossword puzzle Exam review
  4. exam prep: get your notebook ready to study.
    read through the study guide on the wiki

Tuesday June 7

  • begin the hour with keyboard practice
  • Crossword puzzle exam review
  • Exam preparation:
    bring your notebook to class
    bring a pencil
  • bring a book to read or materials to study for other classes -
  • there is NO FREETIME/games(no phones) after the exam

Wednesday June 8

Thursday June 9

Friday June 10

  • keyboard final Assessment:submit WPM & Accuracy
  • final notebook check
  • turn in Crossword Review for points
  • Final Exam