Semester 2: Term 4: Week 1

Monday Mar 28
Welcome to Computer/Careers class.
  1. you will need to have a spiral notebook (or 3-ring binder) for class. Bring it to class EVERYDAY
  2. Please answer these 2 questions - use your full name & school email
  3. How to open multiple tabs on startup of Chrome
  4. How to create bookmarks in Chrome
  5. create an account for CodeAcademy - use your Google+ to login using Gmail
    begin HTML & CSS lessons.
Tuesday: Mar 29
  1. Career Crossword Puzzle:
    first:find the careers listed in the puzzle, then on another sheet of paper, sort the careers into categories based on what those careers have in common. Give each category a label
  2. Please work on the Mountain and cloud worksheet first. Each little icon is a prompt about setting goals.
  3. for each cloud, list a future goal you have. then, for each mountain under the cloud, list 3 obstacles that you will need to overcome to accomplish that goal
    for example: I could put "go to College" in a cloud. In the mountain under the "college" cloud 3 obstacles could be: college is expensive, I need good grades in high school and college takes another 4 years of schooling.
    IT IS DUE at the end of class
Wednesday: Mar 30
  1. install Readability into Chrome
  2. Notes: Password Notes: 5 ways to make Easy to remember ultra secure password
    most important password??
    Ellen's Password minder
    define Encryption: Ceasar Cipher exampledefine biometrics
Thursday Mar 31
  1. College Notes WORKSHEET: Due at end of hour.
    What's the price tag for college?
  2. work on CodeCademy lessons. HTML & CSS (26% is your required goal)
Friday April 1
  1. No School: Spring Break starts today (no joke!)