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Semester 2: Term 4: Week 3

Monday April 18
  1. begin the hour with keyboarding
  2. HTML notes img src (inserting an image) & a href (creating a hyper link)
  3. workshop: work on your CodeCademy lessons
Tuesday: April 19
  1. begin the hour with keyboarding
  2. which type do you think you are? complete chart
  3. take the test for yourself - What's your personality type? (write down the scores for each letter too)
  4. find yours and read about it: Profiles of the 16 types
    how types respond to stress -
  5. read more about your type:- type descriptions - career ideas 3 styles: read for information
Wednesday: April 20
  1. begin with keyboard practice.
  2. Login to CareerCruising.com
    LOGIN: CR-student # with no extra 0 at the end
    PSWD: MMDDYYYY (your birthday in this exact format)
  3. complete the MatchMaker inventory and the Learning Styles inventory
Thursday April 21
  1. your choice: CodeAcademy or Type to Learn
  2. create CareerPathway foldable notes
Friday April 22
  1. read the Salaries Ranges by Discipline chart and complete the question/worksheet
  2. Possible Career Path Worksheet
  3. keyboard or code work