Semester 2: Term 4: Week 6

Monday May 9

  1. start the hour with Keyboarding
  2. WORKSHOP: Career Acrostic. Today we will use the Department of Labor:Occupational Handbook to find the data to make charts for our graphic.
    Job Outlook: how much will your career grow in the future?
    wages: what is the salary range?

Tuesday: May 10

  1. start the hour keyboarding or coding. Remember: CodeCademy work goal is 26% completion of the HTML lessons.
  2. WORKSHOP: Career Acrostic: work to clean up the layout. Everything will fit on one page. Add a title, the 2 charts from Monday, use all the space on the page. Add an image (look for PNG with transparent edges. dont use JPG)

Wednesday: May 11

  1. keyboarding.
  2. WORKSHOP: last time for in class work to finish Acrostic graphic. hours 3&4 yours is due tomorrow.
  3. font notes: define serif, sans-serif, script

Thursday May 10

  1. keyboarding: and I'd like to see some better scores. Run the assessment report. If you have a better score, let me know.
  2. font type notes: define serif, sans-serif, script
    Look at all the technical pieces to fonts
  3. associations to fonts:
    tips for using fonts
    font use mistakes
  4. Draw 6 fonts of your own. (at least one of each font type)
  5. some fun font tools
    identifont: tools to help you find font with particular charactaristics
    fontify: sketch own fonts
    fontifier: use your own handwriting to create a font shows all the fonts loaded on your computer

Friday May 13

  1. AM: no class (talent show)
  2. Career Acrostic image is due today. We will save as PNG and submit via email, attaching the image into the message.