Week 8

Welcome to our virtual classroom.
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Semester 2: Term 4: Week 8

Monday May 23

  1. Typing Comparison.
    First, complete an assessment using Type To Learn. Record your Adjusted WPM & Accuracy
    THEN, go to TYPING.com and complete a 5 minute timed test. record your WPM & Accuracy
  2. Open this link: Enter your scores from both typing programs and write your comments/assessment. Submit the form.
  3. Photoshop Workshop: Color Wheel
    Find and download an image to use as your color segments.In Photoshop, Cntrl+N to create a new blank file 10x10 inches
    File/Place the image you selected/downloaded
    CTRL+J to make a new copy of the layer

Tuesday: May 24

  1. keyboarding - your choice
  2. Photoshop Workshop: Color Wheel
    CTRL+J: makes a copy of the image and places it on a new layer. Make 12 layers/copies of the object. Rotate each of the 12 so that there is one image for each color on the wheel. each color is 30 degrees of rotation apart from the color to the left and right of it.
Wednesday May 25
  1. Photoshop Workshop: Color Wheel
    Color the 12 images to match the RGB Color wheel
    select the layer
    set the color using #HEX colde
    CTRL+U: opens the Hue/Saturation box
    put a check mark int he Colorize box
    adjust the sliders for saturation and brightness.

    find a center image and place it appropriately
Thursday May 26
  1. keyboard
  2. Photoshop Workshop: Color Wheel
    Center image
    background/bokah: must be B&W or grey tones and must be placed on bottom layer
Friday May 27
  • Photoshop Workshop: Color Wheel finish
  • Black & White QUOTE project.
    select a favorite quote or saying, lines from a song, verse
    find and image that illustrates the quote chosen. Look for a pic you can turn black & white, leaving 1 area colored.